Film, Video and Audio Conversion in Brooklyn Park MN

Pro Media ConversionIt is impossible to put a price on your memories and the video, film and audio that has captured special moments in your life are simply priceless. Keeping them current and usable is difficult given the constant technology changes and upgrades. Fortunately, you can now transfer all of your film, video and audio to easily accessible digital format without breaking the bank. Two Squares is Minnesota’s media conversion experts, providing outstanding service to local customers as well as those who mail their outdated media to us for conversion.

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Digitize your Memories with Media Conversion

Transfer media to DvdFamily photos and videos are your family’s personal legacy in so many ways. They connect generations and allow younger family members to feel a bond to those they may not have had the opportunity to know. Important moments are often caught on film. Baby’s first steps, weddings, important performances at dance recitals and sports events, graduations, simple family interactions, the list goes on and on. Preserving these family artifacts year after year can be difficult. And as technology changes Continue reading “Digitize your Memories with Media Conversion”

Media Conversion Twin Cities

Media Conversion Twin CitiesThere are tons of audio and video media that have come and gone throughout the years. From film to VHS to DVD and Blue Ray on the video side, to vinyl and cassettes and eight tracks and CDs on the audio side, an abundance of formats have emerged and faded in the last 60 years or so. But there’s good news: Two Squares is a group of digitization experts in the Twin Cities who can convert outdated media so that it is easily accessible. Continue reading “Media Conversion Twin Cities”

Media Conversion Services In Minnesota

Media Conversion Services In MinnesotaHave you recently boxed up your entire home in preparation for the big move? During a transition such as a relocation to a new house, it is common for individuals to get rid of old items that do not have much purpose any longer, so that they can start clean again in their new home. If you have boxes of old audio, videos and photos that are not in today’s media format, don’t throw away those memories! If you live in Minnesota, Two Squares can come to the rescue of your old memories! Our professional media conversion team can restore old audio, videos and photos into high quality digital media. Continue reading “Media Conversion Services In Minnesota”

Audio and Video Conversion Minnesota

Minneapolis VHS to DVD ServicesYour attic space can be helpful at times. However, it can quickly become a dark hole for old memories. There is a good chance that the majority of individuals that have years of storage built up in their attic have some sort of outdated audio or video recordings that mean a lot to them. What good is keeping this type of media stored up in your attic? Even if your memories are stored on VHS tapes or cassette tapes, images and audio of the past can be restored. If you are searching for media conversion in Minnesota you are in luck because the professional media conversion team at Two Squares is just around the corner. Continue reading “Audio and Video Conversion Minnesota”

Transfer Camcorder Footage to DVD MN

Camcorder Media Transfer MNAt one point in our recent history, camcorder tapes were the new hit. During the 1990’s, camcorders had taken over the media market and it seemed like nearly every household had one of these devices. These camcorders were such a hit because they combined a video camera with a video recorder, all in one. For many years, camcorders used tape based recording onto videotape cassettes. With today’s technology, camcorders can record digitally and even in HD. But what about all of those old memories you have stored on camcorder tape? If you live in Minnesota, you are in luck because Two Squares specializes in transferring camcorder footage to a DVD. With the help of our experienced staff, you’ll be able to look back and enjoy the memories of the past thanks to our media conversion services. Continue reading “Transfer Camcorder Footage to DVD MN”

VHS to DVD Minneapolis

Minneapolis VHS to DVD ConversionA large number of Minneapolis residents have VHS tapes sitting around the home. The Importance of updating from VHS to DVD format is compounded when the footage is irreplaceable. Precious memories are at risk of being lost due to the outdated technology of these magnetic tapes. Image quality degrades over time and content can be lost if it is not converted to digital. VHS Tape to DVD Conversion at Two Squares, Inc. is the best way to copy and preserve special occasion and wedding videos that cannot be replaced. Continue reading “VHS to DVD Minneapolis”