Media Conversion Twin Cities

Media Conversion Twin CitiesThere are tons of audio and video media that have come and gone throughout the years. From film to VHS to DVD and Blue Ray on the video side, to vinyl and cassettes and eight tracks and CDs on the audio side, an abundance of formats have emerged and faded in the last 60 years or so. But there’s good news: Two Squares is a group of digitization experts in the Twin Cities who can convert outdated media so that it is easily accessible. In an era where everyone is fervently trying to organize and get all of their files on one system, many people still have old, fading photographs, VHS home movies that haven’t been played in years, and camcorder footage of long-deceased grandparents. And most of this stuff is hard to enjoy anymore because most people no longer have the equipment to play these different media. Well, not to worry. We will handle all of your old media so that you can simplify your life today.

Film and VHS to DVD Conversion Twin Cities

Two Squares can convert any video format to DVD so that it can be simple to use. If you have old 8 or 16mm film, we can restore the film and then transfer it to a DVD so that it can be preserved for many years to come. If you have old VHS home movies, we can convert those as well. And the same goes for camcorder tapes, studio tapes, and any other format of video you might have laying around. You see, the problem with all of these formats is that they all use magnetic tape. Magnetic tape is known to deteriorate over time, which can ruin cherished memories captured long ago. When you convert these outdated videos to DVD, you are ensure that the video will be preserved so that your children’s children can them.

Photographs and Negatives to Digital

Old, faded photographs will eventually fade away into nothing. Negative can also deteriorate over time. When you bring your old photos into Two Squares we can scan and digitize them so that they can be saved and shared for many more years. We can do this quickly and efficiently with our high speed scanner, or we can take a more individual approach for extremely old or delicate photos. We will also enhance and color correct the photos so that they can be restored to their original condition.

Cassettes, Vinyl, Etc. to CD

At Two Squares, we can convert any old audio media you have into a CD or mp3. Whether you have old cassettes or eight tracks, vinyl records or something else, we can convert anything you bring to us to a CD or mp3. That is, anything audio related. We haven’t yet figured out how to turn a pair of sunglasses into a CD.

So if you have any old or outdated media that you want transferred to the digital age, contact Two Squares, your media conversion experts in the Twin Cities today.