Audio Conversion Services to Digital Minneapolis, MN

Do you have a box of ‘Oldies but Goodies’ stashed away? Chances are, all they are ever going to do is collect dust. It’s no secret the Walkman is never coming back (even if it tries) and let’s face it – record players are nice when wanting to reconnect with past years and the memories of some good times but if your actually wanting to listen and enjoy your old tunes again and again (maybe skip the tracks you’re not so fond of), its time you take that box to the audio conversion geeks at Two Squares. We specialize in converting any type of outdated audio formats into today’s age technology: cassettes, records, reel to reel, etc . We offer our professional audio conversion services to the local Minneapolis, MN area and to those who are states away. We guarantee crystal clear audio transfer quality, without the blood diamond price.

We do recommend that the audio tapes we digitize aren’t already available to purchase in a digital format, in efforts to comply with “Copyright Laws” and it is just as easy, affordable and even more instant to purchase audio that has been digitized and is available to download within a couple seconds.

Our Audio Services

Audio You Can Take Everywhere

Bring any location into the 21st century without losing that charm. If you walk into any small shop nowadays, the sound you hear is no longer a tuned in radio station or juke box that got fed a shiny quarter. Homes, businesses and restaurants are streaming music from their iPods, iPads, iPhones, Androids, and Computers… this allows everyone to have the convenience of organized playlists – depending on mood, event, time of day, etc. and the ability to skip any song with a simple tap of the screen, that takes seconds. There are no longer boom boxes shoulder high along the beach, or out your daughter’s window… which seems like a win-win for everyone. Technology has become more compact, crisp, easy to manage, delete and download – so why not take advantage of our leaps forward and enjoy the sounds of your youth anywhere and anytime you like. The best part is, no one will know if you’re listening to an older song that was never released digitally, like Herb Albert and the Tijuana Brass or a track you purchased online, because our transfer quality is impeccable. Our services can ensure all your music selection is in one place, whether it be a classic that was never digitized or a personally developed audio film that captured something priceless.