Audio Tape Reel to Reel to CD and MP3

Convert Reel-to-Reel to Digital Formats

Reel-to-reel tape machines were well-known in the 1970s and 80s as a high-quality way to record audio and music. Today, digital formats provide a much better option to preserve audio recordings while improving their sound quality.

Two Squares is a company in the metro area of Minneapolis, MN, that converts your reel-to-reel audio to digital formats, such as CDs, MP3 digital files. We use a comprehensive reel-to-reel transfer process to keep your important audio data safe for many years.

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Reel-to-Reel to CD Transfer Process

Most reel-to-reel machines use 7-inch or 10-inch reels of 1/4” magnetic tape, operating at speeds of 7.5 or 3.75 inches per second. Some higher-end machines can run at 15 inches per second.

Two Squares uses professional studio-grade reel-to-reel equipment that plays back audio at many speeds and modes. We also keep our capture equipment professionally tuned and maintained. This maintenance ensures the best possible audio capture.

Audio Tape Aging

Audio Tape Aging

Cassettes, reel-to-reel, and other types of magnetic tapes degrade over time. Degradation causes tapes to curl and stick onto themselves as they spool off their reels. This curling and sticking often causes hisses, pops, warbles, and other unwanted noises while playing back your audio tapes.

Audio tape can also be degraded by moisture absorbed from the air over time, a condition called “sticky-shed syndrome.” Sticky-shed syndrome causes tape layers to stick together and separate during playback. Fortunately, you can maximize sound quality while avoiding degradation and moisture by rejuvenating your tapes before digitizing them.

The Two Squares magnetic tape rejuvenation process will significantly improve older tape reels. This rejuvenation process also ensures high-quality results as we convert reel-to-reel audio to digital formats.

Two Squares also eliminates moisture from tapes before converting them through a specialized process known as “baking” the tapes. To learn more about the tape-baking process, click here.

Audio Equipment

Audio Equipment

The design and manufacturing of quality reel-to-reel machines are a thing of the past. Companies made the best quality decks in the 1980s, making these decks hard to come by now.

If you own older tape decks that you store, these decks might need maintenance work to sound like they used to. A tape deck’s magnetic heads require proper maintenance to work optimally. Your deck’s drive belts can also stretch and wear down over time.

Unfortunately, it only takes one problem with a tape deck to contribute to many other deck-related issues.

High-quality audio digitization

Audio Digitization

Using your computer’s line inputs or motherboard sound interface to convert reel-to-reel audio to digital files affects recording and playback quality. Computers emit a lot of electronic noise from their circuits and fans, which often bleed into your captures, causing unwanted noise and hiss. Even for a non-audiophile listener, these unwanted noises are easy to notice.

High-quality audio digitization happens when professionals use studio-grade equipment. Two Squares uses only studio-grade audio equipment from companies such as Tascam, Otari, and Focusrite. Our equipment is also professionally maintained and tuned, ensuring the best reel-to-reel transfer to multiple digital formats.

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Digital Post-Processing

The next step in converting reel-to-reel tapes to digital formats involves post-processing. Many cheap software programs claim to improve the audio quality of your digital recording by removing pops and hisses. Unfortunately, you definitely get what you pay for when purchasing post-processing software.

Cheap or free programs can remove some noise, but they can also remove parts of the original music or audio recording. This process makes your audio sound worse than it did before post-processing began.

Two Squares has the experience and professional-grade software tools to provide you with the best possible reel-to-reel to digital conversion.

MP3 files

Converting Reel to Reel Audio to Digital Formats

Two Squares can provide reel-to-reel transfers to digital formats, such as a set of MP3 files you can copy to your:

  • iPod
  • iPhone
  • Android smartphone
  • Computer
  • External hard drive
  • Flash drive

Contact Two Squares to let our experts professionally convert and transfer your reel-to-reel audio to digital formats.


Pricing for Our Reel to Reel to CD Conversion Services

  • $20 per Reel to Reel Tape converted to digital files (MP3, Wave, etc.)

    and copied to your hard drive/flash drive

    Optional: to put your digital files onto CDs, add:

    $10 per CD – (CDs hold up to 80 minutes of audio)

    Add premium noise reduction for $10 per tape.

No setup charge | Flat price not dependent on reel length | Tape baking/rejuvenation included | CD track insertion included

Questions About Pricing?