Professional Grade Video Transfer Services

When preserving data that is meaningful the costs of losing it are often times more severe than the costs of leaving it up to the professionals. Two Squares provides affordable film and video transfer services to the local Minneapolis, MN area and anywhere within the US. We have specialized equipment and thoroughly trained staff that will treat your memories like our own.

Don’t risk damaging your only copy because you think it will save you a few bucks. Our services and expertise can assure the safety of your video and we can even greatly enhance it, if desired. What you do with your original film or video is critical in ensuring future generations can peer back into the past with enjoyment.

Our Video Services

Prior to Our Video Transfer Services

Two Squares Video Transfer Services are one of the most extensive in the state of Minnesota. Two Squares has the ability to convert most types of consumer video tapes along with camcorder and studio tape formats. All magnetic video tapes go through our rejuvenation process which will ensure the best possible starting point for your conversion If your tape is more than 10-15 years old, Two Squares highly recommends that you do NOT watch your video tapes before taking them through this process. Without properly dehydrating, your tape can be damaged and you can potentially damage your tape player.