Professional Video Transfer Services in Brooklyn Park, MN

When you’re looking to preserve one-of-a-kind media, don’t risk the chance of losing it — trust it to the professionals.

Two Squares provides affordable film and video transfer services in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, near Minneapolis. We work with people all over the USA – from museums and historical societies looking to digitize archival footage to families with home videos from past decades looking to commemorate a loved one.

Call for a free consultation of our video transfer & conversion services. We work with over 200 media types, including 54 types of video footage. You can trust us to transfer your video to a digital format so it can be easily preserved and shared.

Our Video Services

Trust Your Footage to the Experts in Brooklyn Park, MN

Two Squares Video Transfer Services are one of the most extensive in the state of Minnesota. We have the ability to convert most types of consumer video tapes along with camcorder and studio tape formats. All magnetic video tapes go through our rejuvenation process to help ensure we provide the best possible video transfer and conversion services.

If your tape is more than 10-15 years old, Two Squares highly recommends that you do NOT watch your video tapes before taking them through this process. Without properly dehydrating, your tape can be damaged, and you can potentially damage your tape player.

Always start with a call to one of our media experts. We run one of the best video conversion & transfer services because of our detailed consultations. We’ll work with you at every step of the process to prevent damage to your footage and lead to the highest quality final video transfer.