Media Conversion Twin Cities

Media Conversion Twin CitiesThere are tons of audio and video media that have come and gone throughout the years. From film to VHS to DVD and Blue Ray on the video side, to vinyl and cassettes and eight tracks and CDs on the audio side, an abundance of formats have emerged and faded in the last 60 years or so. But there’s good news: Two Squares is a group of digitization experts in the Twin Cities who can convert outdated media so that it is easily accessible. Continue reading “Media Conversion Twin Cities”

Convert Negatives to Digital Photos MN

MN Photo DigitizationThere is something about rummaging through old boxes and finding a bunch of negatives from so long ago. Many moons ago, when someone took a picture, the only way they could preserve it was to keep the negatives in a safe place. Even in the early 90s, you could even pay a little extra at the store for the negatives, along with your newly developed photos. People would say that the negatives were the only way to truly keep a beautiful photograph intact. Boy, how times have changed! The way we digitize photos to preserve them forever is unreal! Continue reading “Convert Negatives to Digital Photos MN”

Minneapolis Media Conversion Services

Digital Media Conversion MinnesotaIs your attic filled with outdated audio tapes of your favorite music from the 80’s, recorded VHS video of family events and old photo books documenting the early days of your family? Wondering how you can turn those aged items into media that can function today? Two Squares is a media conversion company in Minneapolis, MN that specializes in upgrading those old documented memories into functioning media suited for today’s technology. Continue reading “Minneapolis Media Conversion Services”

Digitize Photo Negatives Minneapolis MN

Digitize your Photos Minneapolis MNAre you an avid photographer that has developed boxes of negatives over the years? At this point, they may not be serving much purpose, however there is hope for trying to revitalize these pictures. If you live in Minneapolis, MN, you are in luck because Two Squares specializes in providing high quality photo conversion services to this great community. By digitizing your photo negatives you may be able to create some very artistic pieces in the future. Continue reading “Digitize Photo Negatives Minneapolis MN”