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VHS Conversion Service in Brooklyn Park, MN

Countless families have a treasure trove of memories in their home movies on VHS, Betamax, or other video formats. These one-of-a-kind recordings have captured family gatherings, momentous celebrations, artistic performances, and more. Through our VHS conversion service, you can convert your VHS tapes to DVD or digital and preserve those memories forever.

The magnetic tape used in VHS video deteriorates over time. The longer you wait to convert it, the greater the quality loss. We can restore your VHS tape and convert the video to digital to stop the quality loss and keep it watchable year after year.

Convert VHS To a Digital Format

Convert VHS To a Digital Format near Minneapolis, MN

In days gone by, individuals often resorted to “dubbing” their cherished tapes – transferring the content from one video cassette to another – to safeguard them for posterity. Regrettably, this analog-to-analog duplication method was far from foolproof, as the resultant copies remained vulnerable to the ravages of time and inevitable degradation. The dubbing also leads to a significant loss of quality each time.

The time has come for a new solution: converting antiquated magnetic media into a digital format. For those who seek a premium VHS conversion service, we can effortlessly convert VHS to DVD and transition your VCR collection to the digital age.

hi8 tape

Video Tapes Age & Need Proper Care

VHS tapes will degrade in quality over time. The chemical constituents within VHS or Betamax tapes tend to absorb moisture from the surrounding air, leading to a “sticky” and problematic state. As the video unwinds, it curls and adheres to itself, causing a noticeable degradation in video and audio quality.

This sticky residue can also damage your VCR player. The gummy substance clings tenaciously to the internal components of the VCR, necessitating either a professional intervention or a complete disassembly to clean the device effectively.

If you want the finest digitization quality for your VHS conversion, we recommend you rejuvenate the tape before playback. This vital step minimizes potential damage to both your tapes and VCR while maximizing the quality of the converted content. Our VHS conversion service includes this vital rejuvenation step to convert VHS tapes to DVD or digital formats. At Two Squares in Brooklyn Park, MN, this magnetic tape rejuvenation process leads to the highest quality VHS tape restorations.


Video Tape & VHS To DVD Conversion Equipment

The production of equipment to convert VHS and Betamax tape decks reached their peaks in the 1980s and early 1990s, and now they’re incredibly hard to find. If you’re lucky enough to find one, you’ll likely need to service and restore it to working order before you use it. Magnetic heads need to be properly maintained, and drive belts will stretch out on older video decks, which causes a variety of issues.

At Two Squares, our conversion equipment is always kept in pristine condition to transfer video and audio at the highest quality. Trust our VHS conversion service to deliver the best results.

Video Digitization

Video Digitization

Using a video capture card for your computer is another conversion method, but it can negatively affect the quality of your video. Computers create a lot of “electronic noise” that will bleed into your capture that will distort the video, and add an unwanted “hiss” noise to the audio.

Two Squares uses properly grounded, external (away from the computer), studio-grade conversion devices. All of the equipment for our VHS conversion services is professionally tuned and maintained for digitization at the highest possible quality.

Embrace the future with confidence and enthusiasm as you convert VHS to DVD or transition your VCR to digital format. By entrusting your VHS tape restoration to us, you can rest assured that your priceless memories will be skillfully preserved for generations.

Video De-Interlacing & Time Base Correction

Video De-Interlacing & Time Base Correction

Interlaced video is an older encoding method with information for every other frame. Alternating frames reduced the RF bandwidth over TV airwaves and also worked well for cathode ray tube-based TVs. But interlacing effectively trades away quality for efficiency. Interlaced video played on LCD TVs and computer monitors creates a lot of distorted, jagged edges.

Our VHS conversion service produces only non-interlaced video, even if the original video/tape is interlaced. We can also improve the quality video and audio quality with a tool called a Time Base Corrector.

tape cassette formats

Supported Video Tape Conversion Formats

Two squares can convert many of the common formats in addition to our VHS conversion service.

Consumer Video Tape Formats

  • VHS (NTSC-North American Standard)
  • VHS (PAL which is used in Europe and many other countries)
  • VHS (SECAM, ME-SECAM which is used in France, the former Soviet countries, and several African countries)
  • Super-VHS
  • Compact VHS (cVHS or VHS-C)
  • Betamax
  • Super Betamax
  • Hi-8

Other Formats

  • Studio Tapes
  • Camcorder formats

Please contact us if there is a format that you not seeing as we are constantly adding, improving, and upgrading our equipment.

Converting video tapes and VHS to digital files for iPod, hard drive, or flash drive

Two Squares can convert the video from your VHS tapes to a set of AVI or MPEG files, which can be copied to an iPod, hard drive, or flash drive.


Pricing for Our Video Tapes and


Conversion Services

  • $25/tape for North American format VHS tapes

    $35/tape International VHS tapes (PAL, SECAM) or Betamax tapes converted to AVI/MPEG/etc and copy to your hard drive

    Optional: to have your files put onto disc, add:

    $10 per DVD – DVDs hold up to 2 hours of video

No setup charge | Flat price not dependent on tape length | Tape baking/rejuvenation included | Time base correction included | Scene menus on DVD included

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