Camcorder Tapes to DVD and Digital Files

Convert Camcorder Tapes to Digital Files or DVDs

Many people have home movies on camcorder tapes containing irreplaceable footage of family events, weddings, special occasions, recitals, and more. Because magnetic tapes break down over time, it’s smart to convert your camcorder tapes to digital formats like DVDs. These conversions preserve the quality of your videos.

Converting camcorder tapes to digital files or DVDs can preserve them for years to come. Watch them anytime you like on your computer, share them on social media, and save them to the cloud to keep them safe at the highest quality for future generations.

video tape aging

Video Tape Aging

As magnetic tapes age, some of their chemicals absorb moisture from the air. This moisture then makes tapes sticky. These sticky tapes can curl and stick together as they unspool, causing video and audio quality degradation. Moisture in camcorder tapes can also make auto-tracking difficult for your video tape player, resulting in poor-quality playback.

Worse yet, moist tapes can be very damaging to your camcorder or tape player. This gummy residue sticks to the heads of camcorders and will cause permanent damage when you try to play them. If you have aging camcorder video tapes or notice that your camcorder is no longer playing tapes properly, the best option is to stop immediately and consult a professional for transfer to digital or DVD. A camcorder’s tape transport mechanism is very complex—standard head cleaners will not remove this gummy build-up.

Rejuvenating tapes before playing them reduces the chance of them damaging your camcorder or playback device. The Two Squares magnetic tape rejuvenation process can significantly improve many older tapes, helping to ensure high-quality digitizations as we convert your camcorder tapes to digital formats.

Camcorder Tapes to DVD Video Equipment

Camcorder Tapes to DVD Video Equipment & Digitization

Using a specialized computer-based video capture card to convert camcorder tapes to digital files can cause many issues.

Computers typically emit lots of electronic noise. This unwanted noise comes from circuits and fans powering your computer. Unfortunately, the digital noise from a computer can bleed into your capture and cause hissing or interference in your audio. Low-quality computer programs can also cause video distortion.

Even for non-professionals, these unwanted noises and sounds are easy to hear and see.

The best quality camcorder tape to digital conversions come from properly grounded studio-grade digital conversion equipment. Two Squares uses only studio-grade audio equipment. We also keep our equipment tuned and properly maintained to provide professional-level digitizations.

Supported Camcorder Tape Formats

Supported Camcorder Tape Formats We Digitally Transfer

Two Squares can convert many common analog and digital video tapes or disks, including:

  • Video8
  • Hi8
  • Digital8
  • MiniDV
  • HDV-Mini-DV
  • VHS-C
  • MicroMV
MP3 files

We Also Transfer Camcorder Tapes to Other Digital Formats

Two Squares can convert the video from your camcorder tapes to a set of AVI or MPEG files. Then, you can copy your converted video files and view them on a computer from:

  • iPods
  • Smartphones
  • Hard drives
  • Flash drives

Call Two Squares or contact us online to have professionals transfer your camcorder tapes to digital formats.


Pricing for Our Camcorder Tape to DVD Conversion Services

  • 20% off 4th of July Sale!  (7/1 – 7/13)

    $25 $20 per tape for Camcorder tapes converted to AVI/MPEG/etc and copy to your hard drive

    Optional: to put your digital video files onto a DVD, add:

    $10 per DVD – DVDs hold up to 2 hours of video

No setup charge | Flat price not dependent on tape length | Tape baking/rejuvenation including | Time based correction included | Scene menus on DVD included

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