Frame by Frame Scanning

Frame-by-Frame Film Scanning Service

The best way to capture 8mm, Super 8mm, and 16mm film to DVD is through frame-by-frame scanning. A frame-by-frame film scanning service uses equipment and programs to provide the best possible scans. This scanning system captures each individual frame of your films to a computer. Frame-by-frame scanning also prevents frame blur and a lack of clarity which commonly happens with traditional film scanning methods.

You need a system that captures each frame of your treasured films with superior clarity. Our film scanning process results in sharp video quality. Customers particularly notice quality differences when looking at their film’s paused frames. Low-quality scanning methods often display extremely blurred paused images.

Two Squares will also use frame repetition patterns to duplicate and reinsert frames. Older 8mm and Super8 film use 16-18 frames per second, which is below the modern day standard of 24 frames per second. Frame insertion is a required part of our film scanning services for converting these formats to DVDs, which use a 30 frames per second NTSC standard.

16mm projector

Professional-Grade Frame-by-Frame Film Scanning Equipment

Two Squares uses professional-grade media conversion equipment. These tools complete frame-by-frame film scans in a controlled environment, reproducing your videos in the highest possible quality.

Our HD system features a mounted industrial-grade camera paired with an extremely high-quality lens that focuses on your film’s frame surface. Two Squares’ media conversions result in sharp and focused images.

Lower-quality frame-by-frame film scanning services with older equipment typically use three to five lenses or mirrored surfaces between films and digitizers. These added lenses can add minor distortions, making it difficult to achieve focused and sharp video quality.

Post-Processing and Color Correction

A few common issues that happen with old films or movies involve color shifting and fading. While limited by the quality of your film, our professional-grade post-processing software package is available as part of our film scanning services and offers a chance to fix your film’s color-related issues.

Over time, your films’ colors can potentially shift to green or red. Our post-processing methods provide white balancing for color films, helping colors appear more natural. As part of our frame-by-frame film scanning services, we can also correct the lighting and contrast levels of color films.

Color shifting can even happen to black-and-white films. We can also help ensure your black-and-white films maintain true black-and-white (grayscale) colors.

Talk to Film Scanning Experts

Contact Two Squares to protect your treasured films from time and degradation. The trained media conversion and protection experts at Two Squares treat your films with the respect they deserve. Our film scanning service uses professional-level equipment to preserve your cherished media for many years.