Media Conversion Services In Minnesota

Media Conversion Services In MinnesotaHave you recently boxed up your entire home in preparation for the big move? During a transition such as a relocation to a new house, it is common for individuals to get rid of old items that do not have much purpose any longer, so that they can start clean again in their new home. If you have boxes of old audio, videos and photos that are not in today’s media format, don’t throw away those memories! If you live in Minnesota, Two Squares can come to the rescue of your old memories! Our professional media conversion team can restore old audio, videos and photos into high quality digital media.

Get To Know The Squares

When it comes to your memories, you may have reservations of just handing over your media in fear that it may be lost. Whether it is wedding pictures, video of your children, or your favorite band from your childhood, our Minnesota media restoration team treats your memories carefully throughout the process. Two Squares was started in 2010 when two retired electrical engineers came together to develop the fastest growing provider of media conversion in Minnesota.

Conversion Services Offered

  • Film and Video – Thanks to our high quality equipment and experienced staff, we can transfer 16mm, 8mm, VHS, Betamax, Camcorder tapes and Studio tape to digital media. Included in our conversion is our rejuvenation process that often improves the quality of your media.
  • Audio – There is nothing like listening to the old music that you and your friends used to listen to back in the day. Through digital media, we can help convert all of your cassettes, records, reel-to-reel and other forms of audio into one place.
  • Photo Scanning – We offer photo slide and scanning services of your old photos, slides and negatives. Before we convert, your photos are cleaned so that the digital image is its highest quality.
  • Magnetic Audio & Video – Over time, your audio or video that involves magnetic tape can become damaged. Our restoration services will work to save your media through a “baking” process that helps remove the moisture from the tape.

Don’t throw away those old pictures, videos and music just because you are moving. Instead, bring these memories over to Two Squares and let us provide you with media conversion services that will restore your memories into usable digital media. If you live in Minnesota, give us a call today at (763) 400-4510 to learn more about our services.