Media Conversion Services In Minnesota

Media Conversion Services In MinnesotaHave you recently boxed up your entire home in preparation for the big move? During a transition such as a relocation to a new house, it is common for individuals to get rid of old items that do not have much purpose any longer, so that they can start clean again in their new home. If you have boxes of old audio, videos and photos that are not in today’s media format, don’t throw away those memories! If you live in Minnesota, Two Squares can come to the rescue of your old memories! Our professional media conversion team can restore old audio, videos and photos into high quality digital media. Continue reading “Media Conversion Services In Minnesota”

Audio and Video Conversion Minnesota

Minneapolis VHS to DVD ServicesYour attic space can be helpful at times. However, it can quickly become a dark hole for old memories. There is a good chance that the majority of individuals that have years of storage built up in their attic have some sort of outdated audio or video recordings that mean a lot to them. What good is keeping this type of media stored up in your attic? Even if your memories are stored on VHS tapes or cassette tapes, images and audio of the past can be restored. If you are searching for media conversion in Minnesota you are in luck because the professional media conversion team at Two Squares is just around the corner. Continue reading “Audio and Video Conversion Minnesota”

Minnesota Audio Conversion Services

Audio Digitization MNSound is one of the most powerful sensory mechanisms for inducing a memory. If you want to bring back old memories, just listen to a song that is reminiscent of a particular time. It would be an incredible shame to lose your old audio recordings because they are recorded onto outdated technology. Professional Audio Conversion can Digitize your old audio and rescue it from obscurity. The media conversion specialists at Two Squares, Inc. really shine when it comes to Audio Transfer and Personal Audio Conversion. Continue reading “Minnesota Audio Conversion Services”

Understanding Negative Scanning

The advent of digital photography has led to many photographers abandoning the traditional analog devices. As much as this development is a welcome change, a very vital part of photography, negatives , have been increasingly neglected and are seemingly confined to the past in the minds of some. In the past, negatives were sent to people so they could reprint a photograph at a future time. What use do negatives have in today’s market?

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Why Use a Professional to Convert Your VHS Movies To DVD?

Just a few years ago, the Video Home System (VHS) dominated the movie market. Many people today fondly remember the days of battling their video cassette players. In the late 1990s, however, DVDs came on the scene and these compact discs were far superior to VHS tapes in terms of visual clarity, usability and sound quality. Most people rushed and got themselves DVD players.

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