Audio Cassette Tape to CD and MP3 files

Audio Cassette Tape to CD Conversion Services

A few decades ago, audio cassette to CD were the most common audio media format. Now, no matter how much effort they put into bringing cassette tapes back, their efforts are futile… Two Squares provides Audio Cassette to CD Conversion Services so that your already captured and purchased audio recordings and music can be safely transferred to an updated format. We have an extensive cassette to CD conversion process that ensures your music, speech, sermon, wedding music, or other audio file is preserved for years to come. Once we have transferred it from the magnetic cassette form, it will be in a safe format to transfer and share.

Our Audio Cassette to CD Transfer Process

Audio cassette tapes have been used for many purposes over the years beyond just pre-recorded music albums that you may have purchased at the store. Many people used home cassette tape recorders to capture precious memories such as music and vocal recitals, wedding audio, speeches, interviews, sermons, or lectures. As with most magnetic based tape, audio recordings need to captured digitally before they are lost, damaged or degrade to a point in which they cannot be saved. The method of “dubbing” tapes (copying to another tape) in the past was a way to preserve them and refresh the recording back onto new media, but these copies would also be subject to degradation due to fact that they are a second generation copy and they still would be subject to break down over time. Once you have converted your old magnetic media to a digital format you will no longer lose quality even if second, third or further generation copies are made.

Sample – No Digital Post-Processing or Digital Noise Reduction

The following is an example of a voice recording taken from a 30-year-old audio cassette. It demonstrates a very low noise floor achieved through pre-process baking, a studio grade deck, proper system grounding and power conditioning, shielded cabling, etc. With this example, we did not apply any digital noise reduction or any other digital post-processing. Click the play button below to hear a clip from “How to Speak Minnesotan”

Sample – Digital Post-Processing and Noise Reduction

The following example is an instrumental recording that was recorded off the radio 40 years ago onto an audio cassette. This example demonstrates the effects of our post-processing and digital noise reduction techniques. Please use high grade speakers or headphones to be able to best hear the difference. BEFORE Click the play button below to hear the recording before any digital post-processing

AFTER Click the play button below to hear the recording after the digital post-processing