16mm and 8mm Film to DVD Conversion Service

Many people have home movies on 8mm film that contain irreplaceable video footage of themselves at a much younger age along with past generations of family and friends. Due to the fact that old movie film will deteriorate, fade, and get brittle, it is a good idea to convert the old films to a digital format such as a DVD to make sure the video quality and the video itself is preserved. Two Squares can convert these 16mm, Super 8 and 8mm film to DVD, a format which can be played on your home player.

Our Film Services

Quality Media Transfers

In the past, the above formats were popular but we have been and continue to move on to more compact, efficient and long-lasting forms of media storage. Our services can transfer most any type of older video and film formats and turn them into DVD and/or other types of Hard Drive Storage. This will ensure the memories important to you will live on and can be watched over and over again.