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Photo Scanning Service

If you have treasured photographs, slides, or negatives of loved ones, don’t let them fade away with time. Work with us at Two Squares to restore and preserve them forever. As Minnesota’s top photo scanning service, we convert cherished memories into enduring digital formats.

As a leading slide-to-digital conversion company, we have the equipment and expertise to clean and handle your media without damaging it. We’ll convert slides and scan your photos to digital files you can view on your computer, on a thumb drive, on an external hard drive, on DVD, or save on the cloud. You can view and share your photos at any time and keep them safe for generations.

Our Image Services

Safely Scanning Irreplaceable Photos

Many automatic scanning devices on the market for photos, slides, and negatives risk causing damage, especially with brittle older media. Don’t risk damaging your irreplaceable memories!

At Two Squares, our photo scanning service team cares for your photos by hand with lint-free gloves and in an air-filtered environment to minimize the dust in the room. We’ll scan your photos for digital conversion with great care and respect.

We find that using a flatbed scanner to convert slides to digital best preserves image integrity. Though not the fastest or most efficient method, it prioritizes the safety and preservation of your originals, avoiding potential damage from auto feeders. We use multiple scanners and computer banks to carefully and efficiently process your photos, slides, and negatives.