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They say a picture is worth a thousand words… if you have pictures capturing loved ones and the moments they treasure don’t let them deteriorate; instead preserve, restore and digitize your glimpses of the past. Two Squares is the premier photo slide and photo scanning services company in the state of Minnesota. Each month we will scan photos, slides and negatives for many happy customers. Our process always starts with proper cleaning of your image. We hand clean every slide and image with a gentle blast of compressed air to remove dust particles and remove finger prints if necessary using lint free wipes and a special solution that will not harm your precious memory. We use lint free gloves in handling media and an air filtration system to minimize dust in the room.

Our Image Services

Safely Scanning Your Important Photos

There are many types of scanners on the market for scanning slides, negatives, and photos, but the challenge with many of these machines is that they try and automate the movement of the media in and out of the scanning position. “Automated Feeding Systems” are great from an efficiency perspective, but always have a risk of damaging your media. The best and safest method for scanning photographic media will always be through the use of a flatbed scanner. This may not be the fastest and most efficient method, but through the use of several banks of scanners/computers, we can give you the quality you want, and still ensure that your original image will not be “eaten” or damaged by an auto feeder.