Photograph Scanning Services

Convert Your Paper Photos to Digital Images and/or Movie Slide Show DVDs

Is your photo collection overwhelming? Your intention may have been to put them in albums, but are you now thinking a digital photo album or just digitally organized photos may just be easier? The thought of scanning all these photos can be overwhelming. You may already own a scanner or a all-in-one printer with a scanning interface, but the user software and the process of placing the photos can be very cumbersome, let alone the time it will take. If your photos are older and very fragile, you definitely don’t want to use the “auto feed” mechanism of your scanner, if it has one, since most systems will roll your photo through a very tight roller that will curl your photos as they go through and may damage or jam your photos. It is best to trust this process to the experts with the right knowledge, experience and equipment to scan your photo properly with no risk of damaging or losing your photos. Two Squares does more photo/slide scans than anyone in MN, so don’t risk losing your photos in the mail. Bring them to Two Squares and have them scanned today.

Photo Scanning Service Conversion Options

Two Squares offers multiple options for converting your photos and each process has advantages. Two Squares offers a low cost option for doing a higher speed scan and a slower scanning process that will yield a higher quality output and is gentler on fragile photos. All options include dusting off your photos and post processing of your scans using Photoshop to improve color and lighting levels. In all of our options we will also organize your digital photo files into folders that match how you have your photos organized when they come into our door. We can deliver your new digital photos on a data CD/DVD or on a flash drive or hard drive that you provide or purchase in our store. If you would like to watch your photos as a slideshow on your TV/DVD player, we can do that also.

Standard Quality vs. High Quality Photo Scanning Service

Low Cost/Standard Quality 600 dpi The key thing to understand about the standard quality process is that your photos will be going through a roller fed scanner system. However, unlike most automatic feed systems, this system does NOT bend the photos in any way. If your photos are extremely fragile, we do not recommend this process. Rather, we recommend the High Quality process. In the following image, you will see a scan of an old photo from the 1970s that had a heavy, non-typical curl to the photo that was scanned using our Standard quality process. You will notice artifacts on the top and the bottom of the photo that were due to the edges of the photo raising up as it rolled through the scanner.

High Quality – 600 dpi Below is an example of a High Quality scan of the same photo. The quality is very close to the Standard Quality scan, however, this system uses a flat-bed scanner where the photo is placed on a glass surface and the scan head has no chance to streak a dust particle or artifacts from curled edges. Since the scanner has a top that presses onto the photo, it will lay flatter and the scanned image will not have the edge curling issues as may occur with the Standard Quality process.

Lower Cost Photo Scanning Service

The quality of the standard scanning process is excellent and many customers choose this option for archiving large collections of photos. If you don’t mind an occasional artifact on the edge of the photo on photos that are extensively or oddly curled, this is the process for you. If any of these artifacts are significant or intrusive to the image overall, Two Squares does monitor for this to ensure the quality is as good as possible. We have several tricks we used to minimize this when it does become a problem. The example above is of an extreme case and not the normal output from the standard quality process.

High Quality Photo Scanning Service

The high quality photo scanning process is much more of a manual process, which means that each individual photo gets more attention. The photos are cropped by hand and you also have the option of increasing the resolution of the scan from 600 dpi to 1200 dpi. Most professional photo printers only print at 300-600 dpi so capturing a photo at more than 1200 dpi isn’t going to give you any benefit other than larger file sizes.


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    Photo Scanning

    $0.59 $0.47/photo – Standard Quality at 600 dpi – $0.55 $0.44/photo Standard Quality at 600 dpi (for 1000+ photos)

    $0.79 $0.63/photo – High Quality at 600 dpi

    $1.19 $0.95/photo – High Quality at 1200 dpi

    Scanning of photos in photo albums – Please Call

  • Optional

    $50 mastering charge for a slide show DVD Call for pricing to add stock music to your slide show DVD or Blu-ray

    Note There is a minimum order of $30 on all slides/photo/negative jobs.


    Custom naming and file organization – Please Call

No setup charge | Individual photo cleaning included | Color and image correction included | Cropping and rotating included

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