Photograph Scanning Services

Professional Photo Scanning Services
Convert Photos to Digital & DVD

Is your photo collection overwhelming? Are you thinking that converting photo albums to digital formats might be easier? Trust the professionals at Two Squares for our photo scanning services.

We’ll handle your photos with great care; if they’re old and fragile, scanning them yourself could risk damaging them. At Two Squares, we have the knowledge, experience, and equipment to scan your photos properly without risk of damage. We scan more photos and slides than any company in Minnesota. Don’t want to risk losing your photos in the mail? Bring them to Two Squares in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota for in-person professional photo scanning services.

Cassette Tapes to Digital Formats

Convert Photo Albums to Digital Formats

Two Squares offers 3 levels of scanning photos and slides. Each process has its advantages.

Our options range from low-cost for medium-quality scans to services that yield higher-quality outputs and are gentler on older, fragile photos.

All options include a professional dusting for your photos. Two Squares can also post-process your scans using Photoshop to improve color and lighting levels. Each option also includes Two Squares organizing your digital photo files into folders that best match how you originally delivered them to us.

Two Squares can deliver your new digital photos on a data CD/DVD. We can also convert photo albums to digital formats, such as a flash or hard drive. Two Squares sells hard and flash drives in-store. We also accept flash and hard drives provided by customers.

We can also convert your photos into a DVD slideshow. A DVD is perfect for playing a slideshow of your images on a TV.

Standard Quality vs. High Quality Professional Photo Scanning Service

Low Cost/Standard Quality 600 DPI

This is an old photo from the 1970s with a heavy, non-typical curl that happened during our Standard Quality scan. You will notice artifacts on the top and bottom of the photo. These artifacts are due to the photo’s edges raising up as it rolled through the scanner.

The example below is an extreme case—not the normal output from the standard quality process.

High Quality – 600 DPI

This is an example of a high-quality scan of the same photo. The quality is very close to the Standard Quality scan. However, our High-Quality Scan uses a flatbed scanner.

This scanner uses a glass surface with a scan head that won’t streak dust particles. You also won’t have to worry about curled edges causing photo artifacts. This scanner’s top presses onto photos, laying it flat to avoid any curling issues.

Standard-Quality Professional Photo Scanning Equipment

Standard-Quality Professional Photo Scanning Service

Two Square’s Standard Quality scans are excellent. Many of our customers choose our Standard Quality option for archiving and converting photo albums to digital formats.

If you don’t mind an occasional artifact on a photo with extensive or odd curls, our Standard Quality process is perfect for you. Two Squares monitors every photo scan and uses several tricks to avoid significant or intrusive artifacts whenever possible.

hq slide scanners

High Quality Professional Photo Scanning Service

Our High-Quality Scanning service is much more manual, meaning each photo gets more attention. With this option, Two Squares hand-crops your photos. You also get the option to increase your scan’s resolution from 600 dpi to 1200 dpi.

Most professional photo printers only print at 300 to 600 dpi. Capturing a photo at more than 1200 dpi won’t provide any benefit other than larger file sizes.

Our high-quality option is the ideal service for scanning older photos – both singles and photo albums.

Whether you need standard or high-quality scans, our professional photo scanning services have you covered. Contact Two Squares, and we’ll help you decide the best way to digitally preserve your treasured photos.