Media Preservation & Conversion Services – Brooklyn Park, MN

Your memories deserve to be kept forever. If you have old film, tapes, recordings, or photos, we can convert them into high-quality digital files that are much easier to save and play from your computer. If you have old 8mm filmVHScassettes35mm photo slides, or any kind of old media in storage, now is the time to preserve them at the highest possible quality with media conversion services by Two Squares here in Brooklyn Park, Minnesota near Minneapolis.

Our digital media conversion services can preserve over 100 types of media, including kinds that are exceedingly rare. We also have printed photograph scanning services and can even scan photo negatives and most transparencies. Have your media converted to digital and get it on a CD, DVD, flash drive, or through a download link.

We’re trusted by museums and historical societies across the USA for the highest quality video, audio, and photo conversion services. We can’t wait to give the same VIP treatment to your treasured family memories. Just give us a call!

Media Preservation Done Right in MN

  • Magnetic Tape Rejuvenation

    We restore your tapes from the effects of aging.

  • Personalized Edits

    Custom scene menus and audio track markers.

  • 100% Work In-House

    Your cherished media never leaves our studio.

  • Hand-Tuned Digital Post Processing

    Your media will look and sound fantastic!

  • See the Two Squares Difference

Quality Media Conversion by Experts Who Care

Your film, tapes, and photos represent treasured memories and family history. We treat each one with the greatest possible care. We’ve never lost media trusted to us after a dozen years in business. But unfortunately, we do hear horror stories of media damaged by amateur attempts. Our professional media conversion services in Brooklyn Park, MN, handle your memories with care so you can continue to enjoy them forever.

Every piece of media has a story, and we work to ensure they’re never lost to time. Sometimes, it’s archival footage bound for a museum, and sometimes home footage with a mother’s voice not heard for 25 years.

Recovering those memories gives meaning to all that we do.

The Clock is Ticking on Old Media

Many older formats like film, magnetic video, and audio tape degrade in quality over time. Don’t let those important memories and archives deteriorate away!

The best time to preserve them is now. Once your film, video, tapes, and photo media are treated with our digital conversion services, they can last forever if properly handled.