16mm Film to DVD and Blu-ray

Transfer 16mm Film to Digital DVD or Blu-Ray

We transfer 16mm film to digital formats, including DVD, Blu-Ray, and digital files. For the sharpest possible appearance without distortion, send your 16mm film reels to the professionals at Two Squares. We provide 16mm film conversion services to the entire United States from our Brooklyn Park location in the Minneapolis, MN area. Give us a call for superior quality, affordable, and timely 16mm film transfer services.

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The History of 16mm Film

Eastman Kodak introduced the 16mm film standard in the 1920s. He created this amateur film format to serve the home enthusiast, business, educational, and government markets. This film type was unlike the 35mm film used for major motion pictures at the time.

We Convert Two Types of 16mm Film to Digital:

  • Silent 16mm film: Typically features sprocket holes on both sides of the film.
  • Optical sound based 16mm: This film typically has a visible audio track instead of a second set of sprocket holes.

Two Squares can convert both these 16mm film formats to digital Blu-Ray, DVD, or other types of computer files.

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16mm Film Transfers to Digital or DVD

Once your 16mm has been converted to a digital file format, you have plenty of options to watch and save it.

As a digital file, you can watch the film on your computer, share it via social media, save it on a hard drive, or back it up to the cloud. We’ll send it to you via digital download or on a physical flash drive on your request.

We’re also happy to burn your film to a DVD disc so that you can watch it on a home video player.

Our 16mm Film to Digital or DVD - Transfer Process