Other Obsolete Audio Formats

Micro Cassette, 8 Track & Other Audio Format Conversion

How many types of audio playback formats have we seen come and go over the years? Many of the old analog formats such as 8-track, and even the early digital formats such as Mini-Disc, DAT, and DCC are gone and it can be hard to find a deck to play these formats. Two Squares has the equipment and expertise to take these outdated formats and transfer them to a CD or other digital format. Rest assured that all of your audio content will be safely transferred to a new format that will preserve it for years to come!

Obsolete Audio Formats to CD

During the transition to the digital age, we saw several different types of tape and disc formats come and go. Perhaps you purchased a player with the hopes that it would be the one to stand the test of time, but then a few short years later, you were recording or buying all your music in a new format. Do you have old audio media around for which you no longer have a working player? We can convert your 8-track to a CD!

Converting Your Micro Cassette, 8 Track and Other Formats to MP3 for iPod or Hard Drive/Flash Drive

Two Squares uses the best available equipment that will play back all these various audio formats and we professionally maintain and tune our equipment to ensure the highest quality capture possible. Two Squares can convert the audio from any audio format to a set of MP3 files which can be copied to an iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android Phone, computer, external hard drive, or flash drive.


Pricing for Our Obsolete Audio Formats to CD Conversion Services

  • Micro-Cassette, 8-Track Tape, DAT, Digital Compact Cassette, Mini-Disc:

    $20 per tape/mini-disc converted to digital files (MP3, Wave, etc.)

    and copied to your hard drive/flash drive

    Optional: to put your files onto CD, add:

    $10 per CD – (CDs hold up to 80 minutes of audio)

    Add premium noise reduction for $10 per tape.

No setup charge | Flat price not dependent on length | Tape baking/rejuvenation included | Insertion of CD tracks included

Questions About Pricing?