Convert Microcassettes, 8-Track Tapes, & other audio to Digital Formats

Microcassette and 8-Track Digital Conversion Services

How many audio playback formats have come and gone? Mini-Discs, 8-track tapes, digital audio tapes, and digital compact cassettes were once popular. Now, they’re out of production. Finding equipment to record or playback obsolete media is also becoming increasingly difficult.

Two Squares has the equipment and expertise to transfer outdated audio formats. Trust our team of media experts to convert your audio collection safely. Gain peace of mind from preserving old audio on digital formats or CDs.

Digitizing Microcassette to CD

Digitizing Microcassette, 8-Track Tapes, and other audio to CDs

As the world moved into the digital age, audio formats like tape cassettes and vinyl records came and went.

Many people purchased tapes, discs, and players for what were once new audio formats. They also recorded beloved memories on formats such as 8-track tapes and microcassettes.

You hope these formats will stand the test of time. Then, several years later, you have to start buying and recording audio using new formats.

Do you have old audio but no playback device for it? Two Squares can convert your microcassettes to digital files or CDs.

We also offer media conversion for 8-track tapes, DAT, DCC, and other older audio formats.

MP3 files

Two Squares Converts Microcassettes to Digital Formats

Two Squares uses the best playback and conversion equipment to work with many older audio formats. We also professionally maintain and tune our equipment, ensuring the highest possible capture quality.

Two Squares professionally converts captured audio to a CD or MP3/WAV files. Then, you can copy these digital files to your smartphone, mp3 player, computer, hard drive, or flash drive.

Pricing for Our Microcassette, 8-Track, and other audio to Digital Conversion Services

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    Two Squares works with the following older media formats:

    • Microcassettes
    • 8-track tapes
    • Digital audio tapes (DAT)
    • Digital compact cassettes (DCC)
    • Mini-discs


    $20 $16 per tape or mini-disc converted to digital files (MP3, WAVE/WAV, etc.) and copied to your hard drive or flash drive.

    Optional Add-Ons:

    $10 per tape or mini-disc placed on a blank CD. Each CD holds up to 80 minutes of audio. Insertion of CD tracks included.

    $10 per tape or mini-disc for premium noise reduction

No setup charge | Flat price not dependent on length | Tape baking/rejuvenation included

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