Home Video Restoration Minnesota

Brooklyn Park Media TranferChances are that kids who have been born over the last 10 to 15 years have never used or watched an old VHS Video or camcorder tape. With digital technology growing exponentially over the last few decades, the entire home video landscape has changed. No more do we watch VHS tapes of your favorite home movie. Instead, your family crowds around a computer, tablet, or cell phone and the home movie is played instantly. You may have been asking yourself lately, what is there to do with all of these old home videos that are stuffed in boxes, taking up useful attic space? Well, if you live in Minnesota, Two Squares, your media preservation experts have the answer. Team up with our Minnesota media conversion specialists to digitize those old memories into useful digital formats.

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Film, Video and Audio Conversion in Brooklyn Park MN

Pro Media ConversionIt is impossible to put a price on your memories and the video, film and audio that has captured special moments in your life are simply priceless. Keeping them current and usable is difficult given the constant technology changes and upgrades. Fortunately, you can now transfer all of your film, video and audio to easily accessible digital format without breaking the bank. Two Squares is Minnesota’s media conversion experts, providing outstanding service to local customers as well as those who mail their outdated media to us for conversion.

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Understanding Negative Scanning

The advent of digital photography has led to many photographers abandoning the traditional analog devices. As much as this development is a welcome change, a very vital part of photography, negatives , have been increasingly neglected and are seemingly confined to the past in the minds of some. In the past, negatives were sent to people so they could reprint a photograph at a future time. What use do negatives have in today’s market?

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Why Use a Professional to Convert Your VHS Movies To DVD?

Just a few years ago, the Video Home System (VHS) dominated the movie market. Many people today fondly remember the days of battling their video cassette players. In the late 1990s, however, DVDs came on the scene and these compact discs were far superior to VHS tapes in terms of visual clarity, usability and sound quality. Most people rushed and got themselves DVD players.

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