Cassette Tape Conversion Services Minneapolis MN

Cassette to CD Conversion MNRemember the days when cassette tapes were the most advanced audio format on the market? Well, if you grew up during this timeframe, it is likely that you have boxes full of cassette tapes in your attic. If you live in Minneapolis, MN, team up with Two Squares today to convert your cassette tapes over to CD’s. Gone are the days when a cassette tape was an option in your car. If you are hoping to connect to the younger you, convert those cassette tapes over to a CD today! Continue reading “Cassette Tape Conversion Services Minneapolis MN”

35 mm Slide Conversion Services St Paul MN

Covert Photo Slides MNPreserve your Slide Collection by having them converted to Digital Photos or DVD Slide Show. You never have to store or maintain bulky 35 mm slides again. The best part is that you can choose between Standard Quality and Enhanced Quality 35 mm slide conversion. Two Squares, Inc. is a team of media presentation experts with the best equipment and experience to provide St. Paul, MN clients with the best results. Our services are recognized by Photographers, Graphic Artists and Photo Buffs for the excellent quality and affordability that we provide. Your image collection has never looked so good. Continue reading “35 mm Slide Conversion Services St Paul MN”

Vintage Film Restoration

8mm film Conversion Services MNHave you recently inherited boxes full of outdated film that documents your families lifestyle decades ago? Unfortunately, with the advancement in technology, there is no longer an easy way to view this type of vintage film. Two Squares, however, offers film conversion services for the Minnesota community that will allow you to gain access to the content stored on this film. Our dedicated specialists can convert your film into a DVD format that can be easily played at home. With cameras being around since the 1800’s there will continue to be a need for vintage film restoration, and Two Squares is ready to help! Continue reading “Vintage Film Restoration”

Minneapolis Media Conversion Services

Digital Media Conversion MinnesotaIs your attic filled with outdated audio tapes of your favorite music from the 80’s, recorded VHS video of family events and old photo books documenting the early days of your family? Wondering how you can turn those aged items into media that can function today? Two Squares is a media conversion company in Minneapolis, MN that specializes in upgrading those old documented memories into functioning media suited for today’s technology. Continue reading “Minneapolis Media Conversion Services”

Digitize Photo Negatives Minneapolis MN

Digitize your Photos Minneapolis MNAre you an avid photographer that has developed boxes of negatives over the years? At this point, they may not be serving much purpose, however there is hope for trying to revitalize these pictures. If you live in Minneapolis, MN, you are in luck because Two Squares specializes in providing high quality photo conversion services to this great community. By digitizing your photo negatives you may be able to create some very artistic pieces in the future. Continue reading “Digitize Photo Negatives Minneapolis MN”

Home Video Restoration Service Minneapolis MN

VHS to DVD Services MNDo you remember the days of VHS recorded home videos? If you are like most people that were raising a family in the 1980’s and 1990’s, you have a bunch of home video’s up in the attic that you have no way of watching. Wouldn’t it be fun to be able to watch these videos now that we are in 2015? Well, if you live in Minneapolis, MN, Two Squares has you covered! Specializing in home video restoration, you will be able to convert these old VHS tapes into DVD’s that you can watch anytime! Don’t let these memories hide in your attic any longer! Continue reading “Home Video Restoration Service Minneapolis MN”

Photo Restoration and Conversion Services St Paul MN

St. Paul MN Photo DigitizationPhotos capture significant moments in your life. Our photos are some of our most valuable treasures and a wonderful way to remember milestones and loved ones. Wouldn’t it be great if and expert could assist you with Image Enhancement, Photo Scanning, Color Corrections and Photo Transfer? Now you can preserve your precious memories with the help of Two Squares, Inc. Our services provide a solution for St. Paul, MN families who want to restore photographic images or simply have them organized and ready for display. Our experts will carefully clean Prints, Photo Slides and Negatives. We specialize in Photo Touch Ups and Digitizing Images. Continue reading “Photo Restoration and Conversion Services St Paul MN”

Digitize your Media Minneapolis MN

Media Transfer MNKids today are so fortunate. They will never understand the true struggle of rewinding a video tape back to the beginning because there was no digital button that magically took you to whatever scene you wanted! They will never understand what it’s like to record a song off of the radio with your cassette player and make a “mixtape” of the month. Why won’t this generation of people know these crucial components of our past time? Because our generation is awesome, that’s why! Let us not forget the struggle, but also appreciate the benefit of new technology! If you live in Minneapolis, MN, and are looking to get with the times, Two Squares is the perfect place to get you started! Continue reading “Digitize your Media Minneapolis MN”