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Convert 8MM Film to Digital Formats Near Minneapolis, MN

Two Squares’ 8mm film conversion service is your ultimate solution for preserving cherished memories. Our expert team specializes in converting 8mm film to digital, providing top-notch restorations for 8mm, Super 8mm, and 16mm films. With our 8mm film scanning service, you can expect superior cleaning and care of delicate film, transferring it to digital video at the highest possible quality level.

Don’t take the risks of cleaning and preparing 8mm film yourself. Trust your irreplaceable footage to the professionals and ensure a seamless transition from 8mm to DVD or other digital formats. Convert to digital and preserve your footage forever.

8mm film

Film Cleaning and Repair in Brooklyn Park, MN

Old 8mm and Super8 film is brittle and calls for meticulous care. It can even break or burn in an old projector.

Our technicians are trained to inspect, repair, and handle old film and preserve it at the highest quality. Before we convert 8mm film to digital, including our Super 8mm film to digital conversions, we treat it with a special solution that purifies and lubricates them for seamless scanning.

Highest Quality Conversions in MN

At Two Squares, near Minneapolis, MN, we deliver exceptional conversion quality that surpasses our competitors. As you can see in this video, our 8mm film scanning service captures more of the frame so that more of the picture is displayed. We properly white balance our equipment for video closer to the original color. The resolution of our equipment is higher for greater detail. And there are fewer visual distortions throughout.

Witness firsthand the striking difference our expertise makes when transforming Super 8 film to digital or converting 8mm to DVD in this video example.

film capture machine

Frame by Frame Scanning

The most effective approach to transferring 16mm, Super 8, and 8mm film to DVD involves a frame-by-frame scanning technique. This detailed process guarantees exceptional quality while eliminating the blur and distortions of other methods.

Once captured, our experts strategically utilize frame repetition and patterns to duplicate and reinsert frames, adeptly converting the original 18 frames per second (or other less prevalent frame rates) to the standard 30 frames per second of NTSC DVDs.

As you pause your movie and examine a single frame, you’ll be astounded by the remarkable clarity and sharpness of our conversion of your 8mm film to digital.

Professional Grade Media Conversion Equipment

At Two Squares, our professional-grade conversion equipment conducts frame-by-frame scans in a controlled environment, ensuring each video reproduction meets our quality standards. The image above illustrates one of our high-definition 8mm/Super 8 scanning machines. Our HD system incorporates an industrial-grade camera mounted directly onto the machine, utilizing a single high-quality lens to focus on the film frame surface.

This approach results in exceptional quality compared to alternative capture systems that employ 3 to 5 lenses and mirrored surfaces between the film and the digitizer, which may introduce minor distortions, hinder focusing, and diminish video sharpness.

We’re confident you can see the difference a Two Square media conversion makes when you convert 8mm film to digital using our 8mm film scanning service.

Post Processing and Color Correction

A common challenge encountered with aging movie films is the gradual fading or shifting of colors towards green or red hues, an issue that can even affect black-and-white films. To address this concern, our experts rely on a professional-grade post-processing software package when providing services such as converting 8mm film to digital or Super 8 film to digital.

This sophisticated tool enables us to render black-and-white films in their original grayscale format while expertly balancing the colors of color films to achieve a more natural appearance. In addition, we adjust contrast and lighting levels to enhance the final product. However, it is imperative to recognize these improvements may be constrained by the inherent quality of the original film.

MP3 files

Additional 8mm Film Transfer Formats

Suppose you wish to transform your 16mm, 8mm, or Super 8 film into a format other than DVD. In that case, Two Squares offers the flexibility to convert 8mm film to digital formats such as AVI or MPEG files. These formats enable you to rewatch your video on devices like iPods, iPhones, and computers.

See the difference of our 8mm film scanning service. Contact us to get started!


Pricing for Super 8 and 8mm Film to DVD Conversion Services

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    $0.30 $0.24 per foot of Regular or Super 8mm film $0.45 $0.36 per foot of Super 8mm film with sound

    ++ plus ++

    $30 mastering charge – One $30 mastering charge per order. Your first DVD or DVD set is included. $10 per disc for additional DVD/sets – Hold up to 2 hours of video or $30 to convert all your captured reels to High Def 1280×960 AVI/MPEG/etc and copy to a hard drive or flash drive (You supply the drive). or Call for Bluray conversion

Frame by frame scanning | Premium HD capture, down-converted to the highest DVD quality | No setup charge | Cleaning and splice repair included | Scenes menu on DVD included

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