Media Restoration Company in Minneapolis

Preserve Your MediaVintage, Outdated or Inconvenient media formats can be restored with the help of experts at Two Squares, Inc. We are a Professional Media Restoration Company located in the Minneapolis, MN area. Bring us your Photos, Slides, Cassettes, Records and VHS Tapes and enjoy your special moments once again. We utilize Professional Grade Equipment for the best images and sounds possible. Continue reading “Media Restoration Company in Minneapolis”

Photo Restoration Minnesota

Digitize your Photos Minneapolis MNOne. Two. Three. CHEESE! Oh, those beautiful words. When you hear these glorious words, it basically means that this is an important moment that must be captured and saved forever! Whether you are posing for a picture while holding your diploma in your hand, or you are posing to take a picture with your brand new baby, life’s moments are too precious not to enjoy forever. We’ve all heard the term, “if only time could just stand still.” Well, that’s exactly what a photograph does. It takes a still picture of a particular moment that you can hold near and dear to your heart forever. The last thing we want to happen is to lose that photo or have “life” deteriorate it over time. Continue reading “Photo Restoration Minnesota”

Digitize Your Old Audios Minnesota

Audio Digitization MNCountless Minnesotans have old, outdated audio recordings that are deteriorating in quality. Older technology is just not very compatible with the latest digital devices making them difficult to enjoy today. A company called Two Squares, Inc. provides a great way to Simplify Your Outdated Audios and enjoy them wherever you choose. We have a professional grade Audio Restoration and Transfer process that produces the best quality possible. You tell us how you prefer to listen to your music or audio recordings and we will provide Digital Audio Transfer to DVD or Hard Drive. Continue reading “Digitize Your Old Audios Minnesota”

Convert Studio Tapes to DVD or Hard Drive Minneapolis

High Quality Media Transfer MNSure, the standard consumer grade cassette tapes and videos have come a long way over the years, and can be quite complex. But, it cannot compare to the change that we have seen over the last 70 years when it comes to studio tapes. With varying sizes and types, converting this type of media over to a DVD or hard drive should be left only to the professionals. You are in luck if your company resides in Minneapolis, MN, because Two Squares offers professional media transfer services so that you do not risk losing your old studio footage, projects, or marketing campaigns from years past. Preserve this digital media today so that it can be utilized in the future. Continue reading “Convert Studio Tapes to DVD or Hard Drive Minneapolis”

Brooklyn Park Media Conversion Company

Brooklyn Park Media TranferThe many hours of footage that most Minnesotans have stored on VHS and Camcorder Tapes alone is staggering. What many people didn’t, but now are beginning to realize is that magnetic tape deteriorates over time and all of those precious memories can be lost forever. The best solution for preserving these memories is Digital Conversion. Two Squares, Inc. provides Professional Conversion Services right in Brooklyn Park, MN. Our Affordable Media Transfer Services are very convenient assuring. We painstakingly go through a process that ensures the best Minnesota Digital Conversion Services. Continue reading “Brooklyn Park Media Conversion Company”

St Paul Media Conversion

Digitize your Media  Minneapolis MNMedia Conversion involves the transfer of data (Audio, Video and Photos) from one type of storage medium to another. It sounds simple enough and yet many things can go wrong that cause you to lose your valuable media. Utilizing Professional Media Preservation is the best way to ensure high quality results. St. Paul Media Transfer Specialists at Two Squares, Inc. use professional grade equipment for completing professional Digital Conversion Services. Our technicians have years of experience in coaxing the highest quality digitization out of client’s outdated media. Continue reading “St Paul Media Conversion”

St Paul Media Conversion Company

Preserve Your MediaHave you ever thought about those nerdy squares in high school? How are those dweebs and what exactly are they up to these days? Well, we know at least at Two Squares they are doing alright for themselves! Sure, you can pull out those dusty old yearbooks and try to look them up but what you may find is that your photos and precious memories have faded. If this is the case, come say hello to those two squares and go to a place that has the best media conversion services in St. Paul, Minnesota! Continue reading “St Paul Media Conversion Company”

Audio Digitization Services Minneapolis MN

Audio Conversion MNDon’t you wish that there were some way to listen to audio recorded onto outdated technology? Thanks to the experts at Two Squares, Inc. located near Minneapolis, MN, Professional Audio Conversion is not only possible it is quite easy to do. We provide clients with services to Convert Cassettes to CDs. Vinyl records and reel-to-reel recordings can be converted to digital audio for convenient playback on today’s technology. As industry experts, we can Restore Audio and make it sound better than the original recording. Salvage your live recordings and make them better than before with the expertise of Two Squares, Inc. Continue reading “Audio Digitization Services Minneapolis MN”

Photo Scanning Services St Paul MN

St Paul Photo DigitizationPhotos are priceless. Capturing moments of your life in one little snap shot can mean so much in the future. Going through old photos can bring back joyous memories and monumental moments in your life that you’ll want to look back on and remember forever. Over time, printed photos and even the negatives of photos, can deteriorate and lose their grandeur meaning. For this reason, it is so important to preserve them as best as you can. Two Squares of St. Paul, MN can make this happen for you! Continue reading “Photo Scanning Services St Paul MN”

Camcorder Tape Conversion Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis Camcorder Media Transfer MNOh, the magic that happened in the 80s and 90s. Mullets, rock n’ roll bands, and sweet little numbers called camcorders. They were awesome, right? Only the most technologically advanced folks could take out this massive camcorder, put in a full sized VCR tape and record Christmas morning of 1988. Over the years, the camcorder became more and more advanced. By the end of the 90s, camcorders were hand held and only required a small cassette that could later be placed into a larger tape. Well, watch out world! This day in age, almost all camcorders are digital and include features like high definition, 3D, and 4K Ultra HD. These things would all sound so foreign to us in the 80s. Fortunately, with time comes great technology. Continue reading “Camcorder Tape Conversion Minneapolis, MN”