Restore Old Family Movies

8mm filmMany people still have old family movies stashed in boxes or decrepit basement entertainment stands. And while those movies sit stored away, most likely not having been watched in years due to a lack of playback system, they deteriorate, losing quality in the audio and video. But those videos don’t have to be lost forever should you decide to take them into a professional video transfer service. When old family movies are brought to professionals, such as those at Two Squares, the quality of movies can be enhanced and then transferred to a more permanent medium in order to ensure the preservation of the movie. So if you have old family movies that need to be restored and transferred to a new medium such as DVD or Blue-Ray, bring them in to the trusted experts at Two Squares. We will make sure that great-great-great grandchildren get to see these movies.

Restore Old Family Movies on Film

If you have family movies that were shot on film, then there’s a good chance that they’re well on their way to deteriorating. Most home movie media, including 8 and 16mm film, are magnetic tape. The problem with this is that magnetic tape absorbs moisture from the air over time, and this moisture turns the tape sticky. And then when that tape is run through a projector, it curls and sticks to itself, which greatly damages the audio and video quality. It can actually make the video unwatchable. Now, considering that film is a rather old medium, any home movies shot on it are well into their deterioration. We urge you not to play these movies even if you still have a playback system. At this point, those movies are very delicate. However, when you bring those movies in the trusted experts at Two Squares, we can carefully restore those movies back to their original condition at the minimum. But we take great care to enhance the audio and video quality so that the movie is often in better condition than when it was first shot. After we have restored the quality of the movie, we then transfer it to a digital format so that it can be permanently preserved. When this happens, these movies can then stay in your family for generations to come.

Family Movies on Camcorder Tapes

Camcorder tapes, like film, also use magnetic tape. So if you have movies shot on old camcorder tapes, it is a wise idea to have them restored and transferred to a digital format before attempting to watch them again. Although, it’s likely that you have no opportunity to watch them anyway as most tape-based playback systems are increasingly hard to locate these days and frequently don’t work properly when they are found. This is why, in order to fully enjoy those old family movies, it is recommended to have camcorder tapes restored and then converted to a digital format.

If you desire to have your old family movies converted to DVD, Blue-Ray, or another digital format, contact the experts at Two Squares today. Call 763-400-4510 for all your media preservation needs.