Digitize Your Old Audios Minnesota

Audio Digitization MNCountless Minnesotans have old, outdated audio recordings that are deteriorating in quality. Older technology is just not very compatible with the latest digital devices making them difficult to enjoy today. A company called Two Squares, Inc. provides a great way to Simplify Your Outdated Audios and enjoy them wherever you choose. We have a professional grade Audio Restoration and Transfer process that produces the best quality possible. You tell us how you prefer to listen to your music or audio recordings and we will provide Digital Audio Transfer to DVD or Hard Drive.

Audio Restoration and Transfer Service

Chances are that your outdated audio formats are not producing the sound quality that you have now become accustomed to. The experts at Two Squares, Inc. have the experience and equipment to improve on the quality of your Cassette Tapes, 8 Tracks, Vinyl Records, Reel to Reel or other formats.

Our Audio Restoration and Transfer process smooths any imperfections. We can remove hissing, popping or crackling noises for a high quality result that sounds better than ever. Magnetic tapes are put through a Tape Rejuvenation process in which the tape is baked to remove excess moisture and sticky residue.

Audio Transfer to CD or DVD or Hard Drive

Crystal clear sound can be yours when you have Two Squares, Inc. experts convert your audios to digital format. Bring us your outdated voice recordings or music that has never been digitized and we can transfer them to a High Quality CD, DVD or Portable Hard Drive format. You will be able to take your music and recordings along with you everywhere.

Only you know how valuable your voice recordings or audio tapes are to you. As media preservation geeks the professionals at Two Squares, Inc. understand and take every precaution to keep your items safe and secure. Two Squares, Inc. does all of the digitizing and audio transfer work in-house. We painstakingly handle every tape, record or film with care and use professional grade equipment.

Simplify Your Outdated Audios

Two Squares, Inc. provides Professional Audio Digitizing Services. There is no better way to Simplify Your Outdated Audios than with the experts at Two Squares, Inc. Our audio restoration and transfer process allows us to organize your music and recordings like never before. Let us preserve the audios that you want to enjoy by transferring to CD, DVD or Hard Drive. The quality and clarity can sound better than ever and you don’t have to transfer the tracks you no longer want to keep.

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