Minnesota Professional Media Conversion Process

Pro Media ConversionDo you have outdated media that you want to be able to have access to for years to come? Well, having it sit in a box up in your attic is not the solution. Whether you have old VHS videos, kodak photos or your favorite artists old record, you can convert these memories into a digital format for the future! Living in Minnesota you are lucky because you have Two Squares, a group of professional media conversion experts that are eager to help you restore your memories. Trying to convert your media on your own is risky business because even the smallest mistake can ruin your priceless memories. Through our in depth conversion process, our staff will take every precaution to make sure that you get the best quality conversion on the market.

The Digital Conversion Process

  • Preparation – When converting aged material, the cleanup is one of the most important steps. Whether you are converting magnetic media, 8 track records or photos, spending the extra time to clean these products can help rejuvenate your memories when they are converted to digital. Thanks to our vacuum system, all dust particles and dirt are pulled away from the media before the conversion begins.
  • Capture – The next conversion step is to capture the media. Your outdated media will be sent through a computer and placed in a secure storage server. Our conversion specialists evaluate your media and apply any necessary edits needed for optimal rejuvenation. During this stage your videos can be edited to flow from start to finish, the audio goes through a noise reduction review and the photo colors are enhanced to help improve quality.
  • Choosing the Format – Once our advanced server has the enhanced media, the data is then converted into either a CD, DVD or direct media file. Our CD’s and DVD’s used are the most advanced on the market to ensure that your memories will last for 30-40 years! Some choose to have their media transitioned to digital files that can be pulled up on your iPhone, iPhone or Android. Another great benefit with our digital media is that multiple copies can be made so that you can share these priceless memories with friends and family.

So pull those old VHS tapes, photos and albums out of the boxes in your attic and bring them over to Two Squares today! If you live in Minnesota, give us a call at (763) 400-4510 to learn more about our professional media conversion process.