Film to DVD Minneapolis

8 and 16mm Conversion Services MinneapolisWith DVDs and Blue Ray taking over the video market these days, it’s easy to forget that many people in Minneapolis and around the country still have old film and home movies on eight and 16 millimeter film. These films might have cherished memories such as weddings or a baby’s first words on them. Or perhaps they show someone’s final high school football game. No matter what is stored on these old films, it’s often hard to view them as very few people anymore have functional equipment for playback of 8 and 16mm film. Two Squares can convert these films so that you can easily view these fond memories for many years to come.

More than Ease of Viewing: Preserve Films

Eight and 16 millimeter film is just like any other film medium that was in use before Laser Disc and then DVD and now Blue Ray made their way onto the market: magnetic tape. Magnetic tape is prone to deterioration when exposed to air because of something known as “sticky shed syndrome.” What this refers to is that when magnetic tape is exposed to air, and most notably the moisture in the air, the tape becomes sticky. When the tape unspools during playback, it will then stick to itself and cause damage to the audio and video quality. This is kind of like when you rip off a big piece of Scotch tape and expect it to stay straight and not stick to itself. It’s not going to end well, and often the tape is thrown away. It is best not to even playback films of a certain age in order to not risk them sticking. But when you bring your films to the experienced technicians at Two Squares, we will rejuvenate the film so that it can safely be transferred and that there are no more risks when viewing your cherished film.

Professional Film to DVD Transfer

When you bring your films to A/V specialists such as those at Two Squares, you can be assured that the transfer of your films to DVD will be done the right way. We scan each film frame by frame. We use a rejuvenation process called “baking” to ensure that the film is in proper condition to be transferred. And we use time-based correction to ensure that the timing of your film matches up to the increased frames-per-second speed of DVDs. All of these are techniques that you can only get when you bring you films-to-be-transferred to a professional. So if you would like to preserve your films while also improving the ease with which to watch them, contact Two Squares at 763-400-4510 today for professional film to DVD services.