Cassette Tape Conversion Services Minneapolis MN

Cassette to CD Conversion MNRemember the days when cassette tapes were the most advanced audio format on the market? Well, if you grew up during this timeframe, it is likely that you have boxes full of cassette tapes in your attic. If you live in Minneapolis, MN, team up with Two Squares today to convert your cassette tapes over to CD’s. Gone are the days when a cassette tape was an option in your car. If you are hoping to connect to the younger you, convert those cassette tapes over to a CD today!

History of the Cassette Tape

Dating back to 1962, the first cassette tape was born! These tapes were commonly used to record popular albums and mixtapes. These tapes could handle 30-45 minutes of audio on each side. At the time, this was the best option for playing music in your car, on a run, or while you cut the grass. Up until the 1990’s, the cassette tape was the most common form of prerecorded music. Due to the increased popularity of the Compact Disc in the mid 1990’s, the cassette tape industry took a dramatic tumble in the market.

Conversion Options

If you have a collection of cassette tapes that you want to be able to listen to today, Two Squares can handle the cassette tape to compact disc conversion for you. What is great about our conversion process is that the music, speeches, sermons, or other audio recordings are preserved for multiple years ahead, thanks to the compact disc conversion. The cassette tapes and the built in tape used in the past ages poorly and can cause the tape to not function entirely. Our dedicated staff will do our best to save the cassette tapes that you have built up within the last few decades.

Our Digital Conversion Pricing

There are no setup charges when partnering with Two Squares. Additionally, we charge a flat rate for cassette tape restoration. It does not depend on the cassette length. Not only do we transfer your cassette tapes over to CD’s, but we specialize in providing noise reduction and level management to ensure that you receive a better final product once you transition over to CD’s.

Pull out those old boxes of cassette tapes from your attic. These hidden jewels should not go to waste. Team up with Two Squares today to help transfer these cassette tapes over to CD’s. If you live in Minneapolis, MN, give us a call today at (763) 400-4510 to learn more about our cassette tape digital conversion services.