Photo to DVD

MN Photo DigitizationIf you have a group of photos that you have been thinking about making into a photo album or photo book, but just simply have not had the time to compile all of it, you are not alone. Pictures accumulate over the years and become disorganized, and literally get buried in piles of everyday life. It takes a long time to organize the photos, navigate the computer/scanner/printer software and it still may not turn out just right. Why not leave this process to a professional group that can actually put your photos into a format that you and your family can enjoy for years to come? Continue reading “Photo to DVD”

Photo Scanning Services St Paul MN

St Paul Photo DigitizationPhotos are priceless. Capturing moments of your life in one little snap shot can mean so much in the future. Going through old photos can bring back joyous memories and monumental moments in your life that you’ll want to look back on and remember forever. Over time, printed photos and even the negatives of photos, can deteriorate and lose their grandeur meaning. For this reason, it is so important to preserve them as best as you can. Two Squares of St. Paul, MN can make this happen for you! Continue reading “Photo Scanning Services St Paul MN”

Photo Restoration and Conversion Services St Paul MN

St. Paul MN Photo DigitizationPhotos capture significant moments in your life. Our photos are some of our most valuable treasures and a wonderful way to remember milestones and loved ones. Wouldn’t it be great if and expert could assist you with Image Enhancement, Photo Scanning, Color Corrections and Photo Transfer? Now you can preserve your precious memories with the help of Two Squares, Inc. Our services provide a solution for St. Paul, MN families who want to restore photographic images or simply have them organized and ready for display. Our experts will carefully clean Prints, Photo Slides and Negatives. We specialize in Photo Touch Ups and Digitizing Images. Continue reading “Photo Restoration and Conversion Services St Paul MN”

Digitize your Media Minneapolis MN

Media Transfer MNKids today are so fortunate. They will never understand the true struggle of rewinding a video tape back to the beginning because there was no digital button that magically took you to whatever scene you wanted! They will never understand what it’s like to record a song off of the radio with your cassette player and make a “mixtape” of the month. Why won’t this generation of people know these crucial components of our past time? Because our generation is awesome, that’s why! Let us not forget the struggle, but also appreciate the benefit of new technology! If you live in Minneapolis, MN, and are looking to get with the times, Two Squares is the perfect place to get you started! Continue reading “Digitize your Media Minneapolis MN”