VHS to DVD Transfer Services Minnesota

VHS to DVD MinnesotaLots of Minnesotans still have VHS tapes with precious memories stored on them. Tucked away in the back of home entertainment centers, those tapes hold memories that will one day excite grandchildren. But those tapes are deteriorating and Two Squares digital transfer service can help. As more and more people switch to flat screen TVs and clean out those big, bulky entertainment centers and trade them in for wall mounts and sleek, wire-free stands, they find those VHS tapes and wonder what to do with them. The VCR was thrown away years ago in favor of DVD players, Blue-Ray, and internet streaming services. And now there’s nothing with which to see those cherished memories (perhaps of a child’s first words, a trip to Niagara Falls, or a piano recital). This is just one reason why you should have those VHS tapes converted to DVDs, so you will always be able to watch those precious moments.

Professional Services VS. DIY

There are alternatives to using a professional digital conversion services for transferring your VHS tapes to DVDs. There are many computer programs and internet-available downloads that claim they can successfully convert your VHS tapes to DVDs. And their claims are true. Those options are able to convert VHS to DVD. However, there will be a difference in both the audio and video quality. The problem with using a computer is that there are many circuits and fans switching on and off these create noises that will interfere with the audio. Also, those circuits and fans will cause distortions in the video quality. At Two Squares, we only use professional, studio-grade equipment with grounded cables and experienced technicians monitoring each conversion.

Do you remember when you first switched from a big box tube TV to a high definition flat screen? You probably said “what have I been missing? I could never go back.” Well, that is the difference between do-it-yourself transfer options and using professional services from a company such as Two Squares. Not only do we transfer the tape using professional equipment, but as part of our services we also handle the restoration of your home movies before we convert them. This is a crucial step in ensuring that a high quality VHS to DVD transfer is made.

Save Your Tapes and Your Time

In all honesty, we would not advise using a DIY option for transferring your home movies. This is not simply because of who we are and what we do, but also because it is the right choice to use professionals for this job. Most people only have a handful of home movies that they need converted, and it takes a lot of time to do it on your computer and having to learn a new program only to have a poor quality DVD be the result and a skill that won’t be needed again. That’s why you should trust professionals to handle the job, ones who will revamp your tapes for many years to come. For high quality VHS to DVD conversion, contact Two Squares today at 763-400-4510 or email us at info@twosquares.com.