Camcorder Tapes to DVD Conversion Minnesota

Camcorder Tapes to DVD Conversion MinnesotaDo you have a box full of camcorder tapes stashed in an attic? There are probably tons of family memories stored on those tapes, from wedding footage to little-league games and piano recitals. And you most likely have no way to view that footage. That’s why Two Squares is here. We can take those camcorder tapes and convert them into DVDs or Blue Ray, or put them on a flash drive, so that you can view them in an easy format whenever you want to.

Affordable Tape Conversion

These days it’s difficult to find an affordable way to view camcorder tapes. Tape players can be found on online auction websites and other retailers. But they are most often dramatically over-priced. Why pay one, two, or three hundred dollars for an outdated piece of equipment from 20 years? It makes no sense. Heck, on one online auction website, a camcorder tape player was being sold for $650! You could have a handful of superb meals at Manny’s Steakhouse for that price. Don’t get yourself another piece of useless equipment. Bring your camcorder tapes to Two Squares and we will convert them to any modern format you choose. Not only will we convert your tapes so that you can share those memories for others, but we will enhance the overall quality of the tapes. A camcorder tape player won’t enhance the quality of the footage. Also, we are less expensive than all conversion shops in the area because we regularly check to ensure that we are the most affordable place around.

High Quality Tape Conversion

At Two Squares, we are committed to providing the very best quality available. We knew when we opened our shop that to rise to the top, we had to be the best. So that’s why we only use high quality, professional grade equipment used in studios around the country. Our extensive years of experience enable us to carefully transfer all camcorder tapes, with extreme detail, no matter what condition they are in. This is very important, as camcorder tapes are a magnetic tape media format. Magnetic tape is known to degrade over time and, when played, will eventually start to stick to itself. This is known as “sticky shed syndrome” and can be very damaging to all magnetic tape media formats. This is why it is important to have a professional that takes this into account when they are converting your tapes to DVD. So when you are ready to have your camcorder tapes converted to DVD, contact the experienced professionals at Two Squares. You can be assured the job will be done right!