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Digitize your Media  Minneapolis MNMedia Conversion involves the transfer of data (Audio, Video and Photos) from one type of storage medium to another. It sounds simple enough and yet many things can go wrong that cause you to lose your valuable media. Utilizing Professional Media Preservation is the best way to ensure high quality results. St. Paul Media Transfer Specialists at Two Squares, Inc. use professional grade equipment for completing professional Digital Conversion Services. Our technicians have years of experience in coaxing the highest quality digitization out of client’s outdated media.

Digital Conversion Services

Technology is always changing. The public needs to keep up with technological advances or risk losing access to precious memories stored on a VHS or Cassette Tape for example. Magnetic tape was never meant to last for an extended period of time. It begins to deteriorate and information can be lost forever. The experts at Two Squares, Inc. identified the need for Digital Conversion Services and created a great solution for St. Paul, MN clients.

Two Squares Digital Conversion Services includes:

  • Film and Video transfer services
  • Photo and Image scanning services
  • Audio conversion services
  • Magnetic Audio and Video Tape restoration and baking

Professional Media Preservation Techniques

When you choose Two Squares for your Digital Conversions you can rest assured that your records, tapes or magnetic audio content is well cared for. Our Professional Media Preservation Techniques start by preparing the original version for optimal conversion.

  • Magnetic tapes are baked to ensure quality image and audio capture.
  • Vinyl records are hand cleaned using safe and effective chemicals. They are then put through a high pressure vacuum system to remove all residual particles.
  • Slides, film and negatives are handled while wearing lint free gloves. Each is hand cleaned and treated with an anti static, ionizing vacuum.

Processing and Post Process Stages

After media has been properly cleaned and prepared it is ready to be converted to the media format of your choosing. We transfer the material to a computer system using our high-grade equipment. Your Photos, Audio Recordings and Videos are carefully watched through the post process stage. At this stage our experienced technicians watch and listen to hand edit, color correct and enhance the sound.

St Paul Media Transfer Specialists

Two Squares, Inc. specializes in High Quality Media Transfer. We provide our clients with Professional Media Preservation that allows families to enjoy memories for generations. Contact us for Audio, Video and Photo preservation services in St. Paul and surrounding Minnesota communities.

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