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Minneapolis VHS to DVD ServicesIf your precious memories are stored on VHS tapes and you haven’t gotten around to transferring them to a digital format, what are you waiting for? The best time to do a VHS to DVD conversion is while the VHS tape is in its best condition. Unfortunately VHS technology was not meant to last forever. Videotapes that are 10 years old or older have already begun to fade away. Favorite home movies that have been watched over and over have most likely been damaged by wear, humidity, heat and time. The experts at Two Squares, Inc. in Minneapolis, MN are well aware of the Importance of Updating to DVD.

Importance of Updating to DVD

Many people don’t realize that VHS Tapes will not last forever. Video recordings have a shelf life no matter how careful you are to take good care of them. It seems that VCR players were not made to last very long either. Having your videos Professionally Updated to DVD provides you with a durable medium that can be enjoyed for decades without degradation.

Professional Grade VHS to DVD Conversion Equipment

Now that you understand the importance of updating to DVD technology it may be tempting to try the process on your own. There are software programs and equipment readily available that can do a so-so job. Big box stores offer the service for a cost also. The problem with this scenario is the quality that you receive cannot compare to what the experts at Two Squares, Inc. can provide you. We utilize Professional Grade VHS to DVD Conversion Equipment for the best possible digitization quality on the market.

Benefits of Professional VHS to DVD Upgrade

  • Accountability
  • Best quality digital transfer
  • Clarity
  • Convenience of playback on digital medium
  • Cost effective
  • Duplication without degradation
  • Experienced technicians
  • Flexibility of options
  • Local Minneapolis, MN in-house service
  • Noise reduction
  • Picture quality
  • Saved memories
  • Scene menus included
  • Security of knowing who has your video
  • Sound quality
  • Technologically advanced equipment

Professional VHS to DVD Transfer

Experienced technicians at Two Squares, Inc. provide the best quality, Professional VHS to DVD conversion service in the Minneapolis, MN area and possibly the entire country. We know and love media preservation techniques that save precious memories to be enjoyed for generations. The importance of updating to DVD technology cannot be overstated. Don’t wait until your home movies have deteriorated any further.

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