Camcorder Tape Conversion Minneapolis, MN

Minneapolis Camcorder Media Transfer MNOh, the magic that happened in the 80s and 90s. Mullets, rock n’ roll bands, and sweet little numbers called camcorders. They were awesome, right? Only the most technologically advanced folks could take out this massive camcorder, put in a full sized VCR tape and record Christmas morning of 1988. Over the years, the camcorder became more and more advanced. By the end of the 90s, camcorders were hand held and only required a small cassette that could later be placed into a larger tape. Well, watch out world! This day in age, almost all camcorders are digital and include features like high definition, 3D, and 4K Ultra HD. These things would all sound so foreign to us in the 80s. Fortunately, with time comes great technology. We have clear pictures, digital images that can last a lifetime on disc or saved on the internet. Some of those precious moments caught over 20 years ago can, or may already have started to deteriorate. For this reason, it is important to take these timeless moments and convert your camcorder tapes into a DVD or digital file! If you live in Minneapolis, MN, Two Squares is ready to help get you started!

Video Tape Aging and Digitization Process

So why is it so important to convert? Throughout the years, videotapes can absorb moisture in the air and make the tapes sticky. If the tape curls and sticks to itself it will unspool within the tape and degrade the video and audio quality. This is why it is best to rejuvenate the tape before it does any damage to your recorder. The rejuvenation process is also done to improve the images for the most high quality digitization possible.

For those that try to “diy” at home, folks often find they have a lot of electronic noise and hissing sounds that are very noticeable after conversion. This is because of the electronic noise that may happen during conversion. At Two Squares, we only use studio grade audio equipment as well as studio grade digital conversion devices to ensure the best quality sound and picture. Not only can we successfully convert your videos to a hard drive, DVD, or flash drive, we can also upload your files onto your iPod or smartphone! This means you can have those memories wherever you go!

So whether you are are wanting to save a Christmas morning video, or a fabulous wedding from the past, using Two Squares is the best way to convert your camcorder videos into timeless memories! If you live in Minneapolis, MN, call us today at 763-400-4510!