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16mm Conversion Services mnThe amount of information stored a 16mm Film is quite impressive. This format was used for decades by Minneapolis, MN families for home movies and also utilized for independent Hollywood movies. The resolution of 16mm film can be between 1500 and 2000 lines of resolution. This is much higher than HD videos today. The 16mm technology however has its flaws. The Importance of Updating 16mm or 8mm film to DVD is apparent when you consider that film becomes brittle and deteriorates over time. Media preservation specialists at Two Squares, Inc. are experts at 16mm to DVD Conversion.

Importance of Updating 16mm Films to DVD

How many precious memories do you have stored on 16mm film? Chances are that it is difficult to enjoy these films without worrying that they will be damaged by age or dust. Over time images on 16mm film begins to fade and become more brittle. The best way to preserve your irreplaceable video footage is with Conversion to DVD format. Two Squares, Inc. offers customers the opportunity to transfer 16 mm films to High Quality DVDs that can be enjoyed for generations.

Professional Grade Conversion Equipment

Some people are tempted to do their own 16mm to DVD conversions at home using a video camera and projector. This low-end process produces a low-end product without the resolution and clarity that we have been accustomed to seeing with DVD discs. Your converted images are likely to encounter problems with alignment, coloring and exposure. The 16mm to DVD Conversion process used at Two Squares, Inc. studios in Minneapolis, MN utilizes Professional Grade Equipment for a Frame by Frame scanning method.

16mm to DVD Conversion Process

  • Careful handling of delicate 16mm film
  • Proper cleaning off dust and particles using a lubricating solution
  • Repairing cracks or breaks in the 16 mm film
  • Frame by frame scanning to capture each individual frame
  • Creating a frame repetition pattern to convert 18 frames per second format into 30 frames per second required for DVDs
  • Professional color and image correction of the video
  • Creation of scenes menu

Highest Quality Transfer from 16mm to DVD

Two Squares, Inc. produces the Highest Quality 16mm to DVD Conversions for clients in Minneapolis, MN and elsewhere in the country. Our technicians take incredible care of each precious film that is in our possession. We understand the importance of updating from 8mm or 16mm formats to DVD for the preservation of irreplaceable video footage.

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