Tape to Disc Conversion Services MN

Video ConversionIt was not that long ago that most all audio and video that we captured went directly onto some type of audio or video tape…cassette tapes, VHS tapes, camcorder tapes and studio tapes were the most common types of storage just over a decade ago! Now, with the migration to digital storage, you may be left with many tapes that need to be converted to a digital format so that you are able to view and enjoy them on your current devices. If you live in the Minnesota area, Two Squares is a media preservation company that specializes in film and video transfer services, audio conversion services, photo image scanning services and magnetic audio/videotape restoration and baking services.

Video and Audio Tape Conversion Services Minnesota

Two Squares can help preserve all of your media for years to come. Our team of conversion experts always start properly cleaning and preparing your media for the conversion process.. All magnetic audio and video tape is “baked” to ensure the best quality capture. Before you bring your media to us, we ask that you please NOT attempt to play back the tape as it could permanently damage the material captured on it. The process of “baking” the tapes likely sounds very strange but is actually quite effective for removing the moisture from the urethane binders and therefore will remove the stickiness of the tape. Baking is a very controlled and complicated process in which you need to avoid overly high temperatures and exposure to damaging magnetic fields. This is best left to a professional media conversion technicians like those who work at Two Squares.

You may wonder whether baking a tape is a permanent fix for your cassette tapes, audio tapes and VHS tapes. Unfortunately, it is not. As time passes, your tapes will still be vulnerable to re-absorb moisture and actually do this much faster after the tape has been baked once. Ideally, when you bake the tape for the first time, you also capture the material in a digital format that will not degrade over time.

Two Squares: Minnesota’s Media Preservation Experts

Our team has extensive experience in preserving and converting all types of media to a digital format (DVD, hard drive) so that you can enjoy your memories for many years to come. If you have questions or would more information about our processes, our pricing or advice about converting your current media, call our team at 1-(763) 400-4510 or email us at info@twosquares.com. This work is our passion, so we will work hard to find the best possible answer to your questions!