Media Restoration and Conversion St Paul MN

Media ConversionThe power of media. Over the last century, media has continued to advance exponentially. We have done away with the old film, VHS tapes, camcorders and records, and are now all digital. But what about all of the memories you have stored in those outdated types of media? No need to worry! If you live in the St. Paul, MN area, Two Squares offers media preservation services that will allow you to digitize your memories so that they can be with you forever! At Two Squares, we understand how important your favorite music, family videos, and wedding pictures are to you and your family. Team up with our staff and invest in our quality media transfer services.

Restoration and Conversion Focus

  • VideoWhether you have boxes full of VHS tapes, or you have camcorder tapes with irreplaceable memories, Two Squares has you covered. We can even handle 16mm and 8mm film. Our staff takes these forms of video and converts them over to DVD. Thanks to our high quality equipment and experienced staff, your memories will be safe through every step of the conversion process. Not only do we convert your video, but it is restored as well, which increases the quality of your video once it is transferred to DVD.
  • Audio Do you remember the old Walkman that nearly everyone had? Today’s version of the Walkman is an Ipod or your cell phone that stores music. Chances are you have some of your favorite music stored on cassettes, records or even real-to-reel. Let our staff transfer your favorite music over to a digital format. Soon, you can turn on those old tunes and reminisce about the memories from years ago. We will run your audio through our rejuvenation process as well to make sure that you get the best quality sound possible.
  • PhotosPhoto albums were a great concept and still are today. Over time, those photos can age and fade, taking away from the look of your special memories. We understand just how meaningful photos are to most people. We make sure to safely scan all of your photos into our elite computer system. Our team will organize your photos, restore them to a better quality, and convert them over to a digital format so that you no longer have to worry about them fading over time.

Serving as a St Paul media restoration and conversion company, Two Squares loves putting a smile on individuals faces by going digital. If you need to convert your old videos, audio or photos, give us a call today at (763) 400-4510 today!