Minnesota Audio Conversion Services

Minnesota Audio Conversion ServicesIn the digital age, audio quality has vastly improved. But as people try to switch to all the new media and get everything together on one device, there are still many people who have audio recordings on outdated formats. In order to save and preserve these recordings and bring them into the digital age so that they can be on your one device, it is recommended to have them converted by a professional audio transfer services. Two Squares, located near Minneapolis, is a group of media preservation experts that can deftly transfer all of your outdated audio to a digital format. So if you want to have your audio, all of it, including stuff from 30, 40 years ago, on one device, bring it into the experts at Two Squares.

Cassettes, Records, & Reel to Reel

All of these of these older media formats are being phased out. Now, while vinyl records have surged a bit in popularity recently, they still are prone to warping and require bulky playback systems and ample storage space. However, while vinyl can be kept in good condition as long as it’s kept in dry, cool, dark places, the same can’t be said for cassettes and reel to reel. Cassettes and reel to reel use magnetic tape, which has the tendency to deteriorate over time. This is due to the fact that magnetic tape absorbs moisture from the air, causing the tape to become sticky over time. This matters because the tape will then stick to itself as it’s played, creating jams. This stickiness will also gum up playback systems, and this can be incredibly difficult to remove. This is why it is important to have old audio converted to a digital format. With digital, there is no chance to damage the audio simply by wanting to listen to it. Two Squares will convert any of these formats to digital for you.

High Quality Audio Conversion Results

Two Squares produces only top quality audio conversions. Our technicians have been converting audio to digital formats for a number of years now, and this experience allows them to deftly transfer any audio format brought into our store. Whether you have cassettes, reel to reel, eight tracks, or vinyl records is of no concern; we will convert any audio media to a digital format, including CD or mp3. So if you need professional Minnesota audio transfer services for your outdated audio, contact us today. Call us at 763-400-4510 for experienced Minnesota audio conversion services.