St Paul Media Conversion Company

Preserve Your MediaHave you ever thought about those nerdy squares in high school? How are those dweebs and what exactly are they up to these days? Well, we know at least at Two Squares they are doing alright for themselves! Sure, you can pull out those dusty old yearbooks and try to look them up but what you may find is that your photos and precious memories have faded. If this is the case, come say hello to those two squares and go to a place that has the best media conversion services in St. Paul, Minnesota!

Two Squares: Your Media Preservation Experts

If you are looking for professional media transfer services, there is no better place than Two Squares. Started by two retired electrical engineers (hello squares!), this company has the best media conversion services in St Paul. Whether you are looking to convert to DVD, convert to Hard Drive, or for a complex media restoration, Two Squares can get the job done at a fair price with high quality service. We are the most rapidly growing media conversion company in the St Paul area and we are so excited to help you, your family, or even your large business, preserve the media legacies that you hold so close to your heart.

Professional Media Transfer Services

Whether you are looking to convert to DVD or convert to Hard Drive, Two Squares can take your precious photos, camcorders, videos, and even audio pieces, and turn them into whatever you’d like. We take our job very seriously here and are dedicated to quality conversion results. We understand how precious and sentimental some of the videos, audios, and pictures may be, so we treat your memories like they are our very own. When we perform media restoration or convert to a dvd or hard drive, we take every aspect into account. Every type of media is prepared and examined by our experienced technicians that have the ability and knowledge to perform professional media transfer services at an optimum level. Once the conversion is made, we do a double check to make sure that we are giving all of our customers the best quality media they could possibly obtain.

So if you are in search for the best media conversion services in St. Paul, Minnesota, look no further than Two Squares. Our media preservation experts are ready to bring back your memories and make them last a lifetime! Call us today at (763) 400-4510 or email us at